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Recycle Your E-Bike Battery

Powered by Call2Recycle and endorsed by PeopleForBikes

E-bike battery recycling made simple.

Millions of electric bikes are being ridden on roads and trails across the US, helping Americans replace car trips, reduce their personal carbon footprint, and access the countless benefits and joys of the great outdoors. With those bikes, there are also millions of lithium ion batteries that will need to be properly managed at their end of life.


Keep it out of the dumpster, landfill, or tossed in the back of your garage.

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Recycling your used e-bike battery is an important part of being a responsible e-bike owner, so we make it easy!

Our little friend Watts loves to eat batteries, so after a few good years of use, when your battery is having trouble holding a charge, has a reduced charged range, or requires a charge more often than usual, just bring it back to the shop and we’ll feed it to Watts!
We are a certified drop-off location for Call2Recycle, the country's leading consumer battery recycling and stewardship program. We will safely ship your used battery so it can be recycled properly and avoid ending up in a landfill.



When your battery reaches the end of its life, bring it to us! We’ll package it up safely and send it to Call2Recycle where it will be broken down into base parts to be put back into the supply chain to manufacture new energy storage products in the future!